Certified Senior Advisor

CertifiedSeniorOur Notary is a Certified Senior Advisor since 2007.

A Certified Senior Advisor has been trained to effectively communicate with seniors, understand their needs, and assist them in attaining their goals.  A Certfied Senior Advisor is also trained to refer his/her senior clients to the resources best suited for the senior.

A Certified Senior Advisor is familiar with the importance of various estate planning strategies.  We are aware of the key facts regarding age-related biological, psychological and sociological changes.  An understanding of these principles strengthens our approach and service to seniors.  We have learned to distinguish forgetfulness from dementia and how to provide options that might be available for families affected by health, social and financial implications.  There are various types of abuse and we have learned how to recognize ‘signs’ of abuse of older persons.  We have developed knowledge of hospice and palliative care, when these services are used, how they affect families and what support can be offered to seniors and their families for peace of mind and a measure of control when death occurs.

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