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Tracy D. Parker Notary Public is a small Notary office with big hearts!

Tracy D. Parker Notary - Office

We offer outstanding personal service to your Notarial needs.  Whether it is a simple declaration, a mortgage transaction or planning documents, our office will provide efficient and professional attention.

We feel that every person is a unique and complex individual who should be treated with respect and dignity. It is our goal to reflect this in each and every dealing we have with our clients.

Uphold absolute integrity.

We don’t reveal sensitive information.

1872 - 1924
One year after Confederation, in 1872, BC Parliament passed the first Notaries Act, consisting of a single page with only five sections. The powers of the common-law Notaries of England were used to create the Act.  The Roll of Notaries confirms that there were 40 Notaries in 1875, by 1909 that number increased to 89.  The Notaries Act of 1924 defined the rights and duties of a BC Notary and provided for a life commission, thus removing Notaries from the political push and shove and ingraining their status as independent legal practitioners.

1953 - 1967
Having many new graduates following World War II, the Law Society of British Columbia challenged the “need” to appoint any new Notaries.  This led to rough waters between the Society of Notaries Public and the Law Society.  Open confrontation was avoided by agreement of the Society of Notaries to freeze all Notarial districts from that day forward at the number of Notaries practising at that time, being 322.  A new Notary could only be appointed due to death or resignation of an existing Notary.

1967 - 1981
The new Notaries Act of 1967 provided for a very important protection for the public, the “Special Fund”.  This fund was created to offer protection in the event that of a loss due to misappropriation of funds by a Notary Public.  Over the ensuing years the need for new Notaries continued to be challenged and without strong public reaction (30,000 signatures of the public were submitted to the government of the day), Notaries Public would have met their demise in British Columbia.  The Notaries Act of 1981 eliminated the “need” clause and created Notarial Districts in which Notaries were required to practice.
Tracy D. Parker
Notary Public
Tracy was commissioned as a Notary Public by the Supreme Court on June 8, 2000 and has since been a Member in good standing in the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. She graduated as a Certified Senior Advisor in June, 2007.  She opened her office on the main street in Sechelt on August 4, 2000.  She is a proud member of the Pender Harbour Legion and an avid attendee at many of the Sunshine Coast’s local festivities.  Tracy has almost 30 years in the legal field and her long years of service and commitment to this field has earned her a solid reputation with satisfied clientele from all walks of life.
Samantha Fenton
Notarial Assistant
Samantha is our Notarial Assistant and plays a key role in providing excellent service to our clients. Her experience as a Client and Account Service Representative has given her a strong base of customer service training and skills which she applies in our office every day. Samantha was raised on the Sunshine Coast and graduated from Chatalech Secondary School. She is an active mother of two young boys and many of our clients may recognize her from local soccer parks and events.
Dianne Knight
Legal Secretary
Dianne moved from Winnipeg and has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1988.  Her background as a legal secretary is extensive as well as being an administrator for top real estate teams on the Coast.  She prepares and processes our conveyance documents and papers, organizes and maintains the office and is a good friend to Tracy.